Our Story

Welcome to Avito!

Avito started from humble beginnings in Austin, TX as a small business trying to help a friend out with their business idea. We have always had a natural bent towards entrepreneurship and knew that when the right idea came and the timing lined up everything else would naturally fall into place. And that’s exactly what happened. Soon enough we figured out how to make the best quality products in the most efficient and cost-effective method for our customers. And we still do this today! 

Something that motivates us as a company is that we are a family business. Our strong marriage allows us to have fun while running a business together. We have found that our gifts complement each other and we truly enjoy running Avito together. We have two children who we love dearly. We are so proud of both of our kids and value making time to travel with them in the midst of running a business.

Our favorite part of the business is making connections with people as we provide products that are specific to the customer’s needs. We love interacting with you (our customer) and hearing how our Avito tumblers becoming meaningful memorabilia as they are designed uniquely for gifts, special events, weddings, and so much more. Thank you for letting us be a part of building memories together.

We value you as a customer and will always seek to provide products that are true to who we are as well as what you want. Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business! We are extremely proud of where we have come from as a company and where we are headed.

Mark and Paula Speich